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  • Every year or so, Chevalier Ramsay holds a table lodge.

    A table lodge is a regular meeting, but not usually held at the temple, it is often held in a restaurant or a banquet room (it can be in a barn, in open air, or in the attic!). Members are summoned to attend as any other meeting. The ritual, however, is quite different and is very festive in nature.

    Note: this year's table lodge will be held at 265 Rue Royale -it is a stated meeting and members are summoned to come.

    Table lodges are held to commemorate how our ancient (and not-so-ancient) brethren used to meet, their widespread convivial customs of the 17th or earlier centuries.

    A lecture given by MW Bro. J.H. can be found in the intranet under the electronic books section.

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    Chevalier Ramsay uses the California Ritual in Brussels Belgium

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